Thyroid Disease

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What is Thyroid Disease?

Your thyroid regulates your metabolism through the production of hormones that control how your body’s cells uses energy. When the thyroid stops making enough of these hormones, it can lead to hypothyroidism, while too much hormone production can cause hyperthyroidism. Both of these thyroid diseases can impact your physical health and are linked to many other health conditions.​​

Causes of Thyroid Disease?

There are many different factors that can lead to thyroid disease. Although anyone can be affected by thyroid disease, with an estimated 20 million people with the disease in the U.S., women are eight times more likely to have this chronic condition. Other risk factors include pregnancy, iodine consumption, inflammation and genetics. In some cases, such as post-partum thyroiditis, the disease is temporary. In other instances, the disease is a chronic, long-term condition needing medical management.

Managing Thyroid Disease

There are many factors to consider when managing thyroid disease. The type and cause are two of the most important considerations. Other health conditions and lifestyle factors can also play a role in managing this disease. At My Neighborhood Primary Care, we offer extensive care for our patients with thyroid disease to help overcome many of the symptoms and improve the quality of life and health of patients. We also use the latest lab diagnostics and specialized lab testing to diagnose and monitor your thyroid disease and health.

We approach health care differently at My Neighborhood Primary Care. Our goal is to provide lifestyle optimization, which means we treat your entire body, not just a condition or symptom. Our medical professionals take the time to explore the causes of your thyroid disease, concentrating on improving your overall health in connection with your condition. The result is a more balanced, complete approach to health care that is personalized to each patient we see. Instead of trying to see hundreds of patients a day, we want to see a small handful of people so we can give each person the attention and time they deserve.High cholesterol can be treated and reversed, lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease. What we offer at My Neighborhood Primary Care is a personalized, in-depth approach to improving your health for a higher quality of living and extended life.

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