Primary Care

My Neighborhood Primary Care Is Your Family’s Source For Unhurried, Personalized Health Care With A Focus On Comprehensive Care For Individuals And Family, While Contributing To The Greater Good Of Our Community. 

Treating The Whole Person And The Whole Family.

At My Neighborhood Primary Care, we are dedicated to providing quality health care for our patients, focusing on treating the whole person, including behavioral health, wellness and dental care. Our primary care services include care for everyone from children (from age 11) to seniors, offering a personalized approach to wellness in a residential-style setting.​​

This comfortable, relaxing environment sets the tone for unhurried visits with healthcare professionals who truly care about you and your family. Members of our medical team have chosen to participate in our organization because they share our values and commitment to serving our community. Our business model is unique as all the profits from My Neighborhood Primary Care goes to support the Arizona Hemophilia Association, a nonprofit agency dedicated to improving the quality of life for those living with chronic bleeding disorders.

Primary Care Services Offered:

Family Medicine:

Caring for your family’s health is our main goal. We offer primary care for your family to address the overall health and well-being of every member. As your primary care physician, we believe in treating the whole person and not just the symptoms, taking into consideration all the different factors that affect your health. Our caring team will take the time to understand each family member’s unique needs and blend a healthcare approach that works toward overall health. 


Overall health is especially important when it comes to children. Our pediatric primary care focuses on monitoring and caring for the unique health needs of children ages 12+. The personalized approach and home-style setting at My Neighborhood Primary Care is perfect for pediatric care; we take the time to get to know each child and their specific health needs. Partnering with parents, we can establish a strong relationship to give every child the medical care and treatments they need for optimum health as they grow.

Post Hospital Transitional Care:

When a patient is discharged from an acute setting, such as a hospital, nursing home, treatment facility or rehabilitation facility, they can face new challenges. Often, patients require home health services when they’re housebound due to illness, accident or surgery. Our clinic offers a patient-centric transitional care program. Our program is designed to ensure that the patient receives safe, effective and coordinated care upon transfer or discharge.​

Once engaged, our care team coordinator will manage the patient’s discharge or transfer in a timely manner, address the immediate and long-term goals and risks, coordinate the immediate care, and ensure that services are positioned to eliminate the need to return to the acute setting.

Senior Care:

Our whole person approach to health as primary care physicians is ideal for senior care. Taking the time to fully understand a senior person’s medical history and various health needs is crucial to providing quality care. By spending the extra time to get to know our patients, we can provide the customized care that is so important when meeting all the health needs of our senior patients. Our medical staff has significant experience caring for senior patients and the issues we face as we age. Senior patients appreciate not being rushed through their appointments with medical staff that truly cares about their wellbeing.

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